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The Worst Songs of 1974’s Billboard Top 100

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The real question in deciding the worst songs of 1974’s Billboard Top 100 has to be which tunes annoyed you most when you accidentally heard them—or now accidentally hear them.  These were the songs that punctuated commercials and meant nothing, like dumping a packet of sugar on your tongue or eating an icing rose from someone else’s wedding cake, nonsense and worthless calories.

 So here is 1974’s worst songs of Billboard’s Top 100 List:

#5. (Actual Position=#1) Barbara Streisand, The Way We Were”—dated from the day it was sung, it represents the last time the parents of the baby boomers outvoted their kids, and it’s from an era that never existed:

#4. (Actual Position=#2)  Terry Jacks, “Seasons in the Sun”—dated from the day it was sung, it represents a time kids thought they had, and is very similar to “Teen Angel” and other dying-young tunes of the era and its predecessors:

#3. (Actual Position=#43)  Hues Corporation, “Rock The Boat”—the real beginning of saccharin disco:

#2. (Actual Position=#58) Righteous Brothers, “Rock and Roll Heaven”—exploitive rubbish:

#1. (Actual Position=#43) The First Class, “Beach Baby”—an attempt by a British band to enter the surf scene—prior to the current situation of Cornwall as world-class surfing destination:

Honourable mention as rubbish in 1974= Donny and Marie singing a love song:



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