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They Stole My Name: Steel Breeze

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When my first serious band was choosing a name, a prime contender was Steel Breeze, a great metaphor from (I know you know this) Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”  But, dammit, the name was taken – and not by an art-rock band but by a pop-rock band!

Steel Breeze really had only one big hit, but I think (despite the fact that they stole that truly great band name) that it shouldn’t be forgotten.  A demo of the song by this modest band from Sacramento impressed Kim Fowley (yes, THAT Kim Fowley, the man who Svengali’d The Runaways), and he produced their first album. 

So What?

So this: the album’s lead track and hit single is absolutely irresistible.  “You Don’t Want Me Anymore” is a pure 80s faux-New Wave confection.  My adjectives and noun might seem to imply criticism, but I actually think that this song is perfect, insofar as it absolutely succeeds at what it attempts.  And you know what?  I’m blasting the album right now, and I find that I remember every note, every word, and it all provides solid support for this one delightful song.  Don’t forget Steel Breeze – but please don’t forgive them for stealing the perfect band name.


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