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“Thank you. Goodnight.” from Three of The Beatles

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So what do Airport, Darling Lili, MASH, The Sterile Cuckoo, and John Wayne have in common? The answer may surprise you. It’s John, Paul, and George—though no Ringo.

It’s 1971 at the Grammy Awards, the thirteenth annual, and  John Wayne announces the best original score written for a motion picture. In a weird irony, among actual films, Let It Be is a candidate. It wins. A disjointed documentary about The Beatles screwing up over time wins best original score! Someone is thinking way back in the early 1970s in Hollywood. 

It’s not a particularly good film and it is not a particularly good album, but it is certainly an okay film about a great band at a bad time. Perhaps, among all the glitz and evening dresses, someone really recognized Let It Be’s place in music history. The fact that Ringo was not credited meant Let It Be was no longer about The Beatles.  And McCartney’s acceptance speech, Linda at his side, for the award on behalf of the Beatles?: “Thank you. Goodnight.”


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