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Sarah Brightman Comes Full Circle

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Sarah Brightman, the world’s best-selling soprano, has been known for many accomplishments through her career, including her performances in several of one-time husband Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals.  But outer space is obviously her milieu.

Check out her website ( if you don’t believe what I’m about to tell you: her next project is to sing and record in space, aboard the International Space Station some time in 2015.  And in a way, that brings her back to the beginning of her career.  Because although she first appeared on stage at the age of 13, her first hit came when she was 18 and performed – with a troupe called Hot Gossip – a disco song that, shall we say, fit the mood of the time.

The Mood And The Time

The time was 1978; the mood was all Star Wars, all the time.  And the song was called “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper.”  This song (performed live in the video below as first seen on The Kenny Everett Video Show) has it all: disco balls and lights, embarrassingly, awkwardly bad dance moves, and almost unbelievable lyrics that refer to Darth Vader, droids, Flash Gordon, and Close Encounters.  Really.

So Bad It’s Really, Really Good

I suppose the video was meant to be sexy.  It isn’t.  But there’s something truly endearing, truly compelling about it.  Have a look and marvel at the career Sarah Brightman went on to have after (and, perhaps, despite) this early shot at fame.  It’s a keeper.


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