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Nothing Beats A T-Bird Or A Song About One

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How many songs have been written about cars?  Right – several.  Let’s look for now, though, at a few of the best songs about one of the best cars.

Let’s start with the first one you probably thought of – but in a terrific version you might not know.  Right, it’s the Beach Boys’ “Fun, Fun, Fun” – but check out Joan Jett’s cover rather than the original you know by heart:

How about Walter Egan’s breezy, delightful “T-Bird Angel,” from his 1978 album Not Shy?

Want something a bit grittier?  Try Bob Seger’s “Makin’ Thunderbirds”:

Or Uriah Heep’s “T-Bird Angel,” from one of their more recent albums, Into the Wild:

Sure, there are others – and songs about Vettes and pickup trucks and racing cars.  But there’s just something about a T-Bird – and about a T-Bird song. . . .


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