Stevie Nicks Says No to an American Gigolo While Blondie says YES!

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Stevie Nicks was first offered the chance to write the lyrics for “Call Me” for the film American Gigolo back in the late 70s; for contractual reasons she had to decline.  Next on composer Giorgio Moroder’s list was Deborah Harry of Blondie, newly molded into a superstar through the success of “Heart of Glass.” So Harry wrote the lyrics in the span of a few hours and another #1 hit was born.

“Call Me” is forever tied to Blondie, though the memory of American Gigolo has faded for many. What may be less known about Blondie and their brush with the Gigolo is that they also recorded the song in Spanish.  Heck, the Beatles had recorded in German—why not Blondie in Spanish?


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