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The Songs of Chuck (S1-E5)—The Jeffster Exception: “Private Eyes”

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We are dismissing all straight-up music-for-film and thus two of the five candidates for S1-E5 are gone, Daniel May’s “Women’s Wear” and “Chuck Music, Track 21” by Tim Jones.  That still leaves three good tunes, but there is an interesting exception to this episode in its choice of material.

So, excepting the two pieces strictly for film, there are two regular tunes and an exception. The two regular tunes are both—in keeping with what we expect from the Chuck soundtrack—great tunes.  “Sister in Love” is an excellent tune put out by the Swedish/French indie band the Envelopes. The band seems to be in a real limbo state as there is no official breakup notice anywhere but their website is vacant ( and they have not released an album since 2008.  Too bad, good group.

The Rogue Wave

The other regular piece on S1-E5 is “Lake Michigan” by Rogue Wave by Zache Rogue and crew on 2007’s Asleep at Heaven’s Gate. Rogue Wave is still going strong and we are doing a piece on their new album, 2013’s Nightingale Floors, for our Newer Bands That Don’t Sound Bad section.

The featured piece for S1-E5 though is a notable exception to the Chuck canon, a tune that would normally have been covered by Jeffester! but actually makes it into the series as released by its original artists, Daryl Hall and John Oates back in 1981.

The Puzzle

Mathematicians have been pondering ever since 1981 in an attempt to tell two Hall and Oates songs from one another—barring the lyrics of course.  The songs are “Private Eyes” from Private Eyes of 1981 and “Kiss on My List” from 1980’s Voices. Perhaps it’s applause that differentiates the two?


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