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Bigger In Japan, Still Good Back Home: Canada’s Teaze

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I don’t follow reality TV, but apparently Mark Bradac is now known as one of the stars of Pawnathon Canada.  However, fans of good seventies rock-and-roll will likely remember him better as one of the guitarists from Windsor, Ontario’s Teaze.

Teaze was yet another of those really good bands that just didn’t get the breaks.  Well, that’s not exactly true: touring Japan in 1978, they were received like rock royalty, and you can hear the excitement and energy of both the crowd and the band on the very good live album that was the product of that tour, 1979’s Tour of Japan

But Back At Home. . . .

Although they had a reputation as an excellent live band, and although they toured hard and opened for acts like April Wine (a friend of mine in high school, in fact, caught that tour and insisted that Teaze was better than the headliners!), they just didn’t have the record sales back in Canada to keep going in that tough business.  But their albums were good, honest, solid hard rock, and a few of their songs made it to the radio and would still be familiar to fans of a certain vintage (the lovely ballad “Loose Change” was always a favourite of mine, but their biggest hit was “Sweet Misery”). 

And The Band Broke Up

But we still have the records.  I’m not claiming greatness for Teaze, but if you were growing up in the seventies in Canada, this was one of the bands that provided part of the soundtrack to your life.  Check out the live video and remember (or discover) what rock and roll sounded like back then.


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