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From Sons to Fathers: Adam and Leonard Cohen

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Ideally,  and thankfully in the majority, sons look up to their fathers and try to fulfil their expectations. Observation and experience shows us fathers seldom expect more than their children to be good, honourable persons and to live up to their own potentials. This holds true for both sons and daughters, however we seem more inclined to protect our daughters while our sons emulate us more directly in seeking our approval. Think of how very difficult it must be if you have no chance of surpassing or even equalling the achievements of your sire. Well, it's not really that difficult, in fact its quite common. And we don't see it as failure except perhaps if you are famous and since this is a music blog, let's say a famous musician. How do you feel if you are Julian or Sean Lennon? Ziggy Marley, Jacob Dylan, Frank Sinatra Jr. or James McCartney.

And what to do if you are Adam Cohen with a dad who has remained the epitome of the  cool, sophisticated, erudite artist. Not only a musician but a true poet and novelist: part Buddhist monk, part Valentino and the ultimate personification of Dos Equis most interesting man in the world.

Here's something you can do.... put out a great song and hopefully a great new album. Cohen put out his first solo album some 16 years ago in 1998 when he was 26. The album was well received but he didn't set the world ablaze. In 2004, he put out a French language record and in 2011 he released Like A Man which showed much of his father's influence and musical heritage. Cohen is set to release a new record this year. Judging by the single this should be his best so far. We Go Home has the sensuality and poetic lyrics of his father's work and while this is a basic love song of adultery beneath sinuously flows the existential reality of brief life; la petite mort as a sequential preparation for the final mysterious curtain. While aurally you may hear a Mumford & Sons vibe, thematically the song reminds me of Leonard's Take This Waltz from a younger man's point of view. I'm sure his father is proud. I'm really looking forward to the new cd. 



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