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What Was In Diesel’s Tank? A Great Album

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The original drummer and bassist from Dutch band Deisel died – both from heart attacks – within a week of each other in 2009.  I discovered that sad coincidence while researching their terrific band, and it makes me sad that these talented guys are gone.

One of my favourite albums of the early eighties was Deisel’s first album, 1981’s Watts In A Tank.  My roommate at the time bought the record because we loved the single, “Sausalito Summernight,” and for once we weren’t disappointed: the rest of the record was as good as the hit.  It was one of those records that – in those days, this was how we did it – you would immediately tape so you could listen to it in the car.  When you were at home, you’d put on the record; but in the car, in the summer, with the windows down, it always sounded a bit better.

What Became Of Diesel?

I bristle at calling such a fine band a one-hit wonder, but they never equalled the success of this first record or that amazing single.  Yet this album is a gem, a keeper; thirty years later, and even though I haven’t listened to it for ages, I can still sing along with every song.  There is a place in rock-and-roll history for nonce works like Watts In A Tank – and that place is in the heart of everyone who was there at the time and everyone who still has ears to hear great pop songs.


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