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Chris Martin's Piano

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Everyone who has listened to Coldplay remembers classic piano riffs from songs like "Clocks," "The Scientist," and "Everything's Not Lost," but not nearly as many people realize that those songs were not played on a top-of-the-line, traditional piano, but rather Chris Martin's very own small, electronic, stand-up piano which sports a unique graffiti-esque paint job.

This piano is taken on tour with Coldplay to every concert and the majority of their interviews as well.  The Coldplay lead vocalist frequently turns down the opportunity to play on a traditional, brand-name piano in favour of his own distinct piano. 

Chris's piano is genuinely one of a kind. Many people around the Internet have attempted to create their own version of this spray painted piano, but none can possibly match the originality and creativity that is apparent in Chris Martin's. This piano is, without a doubt, a must-see.


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