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The Songs of Chuck (S1-E7)—Competing with a Maneater

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Episode seven of Chuck has another potential Jeffster! song in the  regular lineup of tunes and once again it’s a Hall & Oates standard,  “Maneater.” It is not the most interesting offering of the episode, however, and certainly not the best—though it does have some stiff competition.

What Beats a Maneater?

There are two songs from the superb Glaswegian indie rock group The Fratellis, “Chelsea Dagger” and “For the Girl.” Both are great examples of power-pop and are representative of the kind of material The Fratellis produce, from their first release, 2007’s Costello Music, to 2013’s We Need Medicine. The problem is they have only released three studio albums. That’s a shame for fans of this talented group; luckily they have been busy with other projects during their hiatus. (Check back soon for our review of We Need Medicine.) So what kind of competition could bump two great Fratellis tunes from the star spot?

There’s the 80’s inflected “Trendsetter” by Goose and the Jeff Lynne/ELO sound of “Drama Queen” by The Switches. The Switches started life as the winner of a Battle of the Bands and went on to record a couple of excellent albums back in 07-08 before dissolving. Matt Bishop, lead singer and guitarist, is now a well recognized engineer, though The Switches are no more.  Shame too. 

The Winner?

Few songs could compete with Oasis at their height and their Beatlesque “Don’t Look Back in Anger” from  (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, to be reissued with new goodies on 29 September 2014.


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