The Songs of Chuck (S1-E8)—Toxic Britney

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By episode 8 of the first season there were signs that perhaps the soundtrack crew had burned out early, with only three songs in total and one of them a Britney Spears song, “Toxic.”  Still the other two somewhat balance things out.

“Live it Up” by The Isley Brothers is from 1974’s album of the same name and has the sound of that era in its DNA. It is a great song and is worth a listen to relive or visit that era, but the third offering of the episode has to be the top pick.

“Fresh Feeling” by The Eels came out in 2001 on Souljacker. The Eels are still going strong with Wonderful, Glorious released in 2013 and TheCautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett released in April 2014. “Fresh Feeling” is a great example of E and crew and their work. And even with three songs for the episode, the Chuck crew pulled it off.