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Roger Hodgson Singing Along With His Audience

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The Beatles couldn’t hear themselves when they played live and even some of the better live bits to come from their concerts are almost unintelligible. Some portions from Hamburg, Australia, Japan, and the Hollywood Bowl are interesting, but you have to overhear them from an audience that is always hysterical and loud. The rooftop session is it for most of us who want to hear them, and that audience of accidental listeners had no idea what they were part of. Roger Hodgson is a much luckier dude.

Give A Little Bit

Given the choice of being yelled at to the point where you cannot hear yourself or know where you and your band mates are in your song or singing along just a little behind your audience, the latter is much more desirable. You can tell on this bit of video that Rodger Hodgson is a little behind the words and a little freaked out by his audience. He becomes something of a strummer, something of a hummer, in comparison to his intelligent audience. They are singing ahead of him and you can see on his face that this is disconcerting.  It’s the level of his popularity, though, and he is lucky he is not being outdone by unguided enthusiasm and hysterics. He’s being sung along with, or led along, by his knowledgeable audience. Much to be preferred to being drowned out by an audience that would rather see than hear their idols.


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