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A New Look Through The Doors

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This is an intriguing albeit baffling idea, a psychedelic tribute cd of Door's tunes performed by current generation neo-psychedelic bands. The Doors were true innovators. No one sounded like The Doors although plenty have imitated them since.... Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cult, Joy Division, The Nails and Nick Cave spring to mind. But while The Doors played their own distinct version of boozy, bluesy, drug-addled rock, they weren't a psychedelic band. Baudelaire, Brecht and the same old time blues-men who inspired The Beatles and Rolling Stones (Dixon, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf) are chief shaman, Jim Morrison and the band's guiding spirits and mentors. 

The Doors have had their songs covered by an astonishingly wide variety of artists. “Light My Fire” is probably their most covered song, with everyone from Jackie Wilson, Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, Herb Alpert, José Feliciano's million plus selling Latin version and Ami Stewart's disco cover contributing to the more than 100 different recordings. So, as I said, I thought this was a pretty interesting idea and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.

To date, my favourite set of Door's covers is George Winston's solo piano tribute, Night Divides the Day: The Music of the Doors. Winston managed to capture the essence and vision of the band's music while transforming it utterly. I wouldn't go that far with these interpretations but they certainly are not derivative. These indie bands, most of whom I was unfamiliar with (excepting The Ravonettes and Montreal-based Elephant Stone) are solid bands with strong playing and a deep seeded love and reverence not only for The Door's music but the psychedelic genre they pursue.

Here is the track listing for this 2014 release: “L.A. Woman” - Elephant Stone, “Soul Kitchen” - The Black Angels, “Love Me Two Times” - Psychic Ills, “Hello, I Love You” - Dark Horses, “People Are Strange” – Camera, “The Crystal Ship” - Dead Meadow, “The Soft Parade” - Sons of Hippies, “Riders On the Storm” - Dead Skeletons, “Light My Fire” - Wall of Death, “Touch Me” – Clinic,  “Roadhouse Blues” – Vietnam, “Love Her Madly” & “The End” by The Raveonettes.

My favourites are the relatively obscure and experimental, even for The Doors, “Soft Parade” by Sons of Hippies and Elephant Stone's heavy, trippy version of “L.A. Woman.” No doubt you'll have your own favourites; this is a kaleidoscopic gem worth searching for. 


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