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The Songs of Chuck (S1-E8)—Toxic Britney

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By episode 8 of the first season there were signs that perhaps the soundtrack crew had burned out early, with only three songs in total and one of them a Britney Spears song, “Toxic.”  Still the other two somewhat balance things out.

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Busking Yesterday: The Top 7 Buskers of All Time

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There have been some famous musicians who have busked for reasons ranging from rejuvenation, curiosity, to projects and so forth.  Paul McCartney actually busks “Yesterday” in a scene in 1984’s Give My Regards to Broadstreet and he goes unrecognized, though he does earn some change.  Bruce Springsteen has done some famous busking episodes himself in Copenhagen, Boston, and Moscow.  Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Ben Franklin—sneaked that one in there—, Sting, and Tom Jones have all hit the streets well after becoming famous.  Some musicians have actually gotten their start with busking though.

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The Songs of Chuck (S1-E7)—Competing with a Maneater

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Episode seven of Chuck has another potential Jeffster! song in the  regular lineup of tunes and once again it’s a Hall & Oates standard,  “Maneater.” It is not the most interesting offering of the episode, however, and certainly not the best—though it does have some stiff competition.

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This One’s Pink

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“Have a cigar” is one of those old movie lines usually delivered by a leering mogul from behind a huge desk to an awestruck newbie in a humbling, lower chair.  And that’s pretty much how it was meant when delivered by Pink Floyd back in 1975 on Wish You Were Here, their tribute to their sidelined comrade, Syd Barrett. The album has many side stories, including the appearance of Syd Barrett as a silent viewer of the proceedings, but one of the most peculiar and ironic aspects of the album is Roy Harper’s participation on the album’s third track, “Have a Cigar.”

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