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The Sopranos In Alabama? Sort Of

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When James Gandolfini died last month, the world lost a great actor. The Sopranos wasn't the first HBO dramatic series (HBO had started with the hard-hitting prison series OZ a couple of years earlier in 1997), but it was certainly the most successful and influential.

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A Life Lived Rockingly

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It’s not news to anybody that musicians typically move, through their careers, from band to band.  The rarity is for a musician (like, say, Bono) to stay with the same band for his or her entire career.  But some musicians have more interesting career paths than do others.  Take Mark Andes.

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You Better You Bet

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On a recent episode of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, the Jeff Daniels character alludes to (at greater length than is dramatically necessary, I thought) the old Who song “You Better You Bet.”  Wow, I thought, I haven’t listened to that album (1981’s Face Dances) for years, so I dug through my vinyl, and there it was.  Well.

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Four Doves on Wings

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The Beatles breakup was a jittery, halting affair lasting from the late 60s until Lennon’s murder in 1980.  The official breakup of the Beatles occurred when McCartney issued a press release on 10 April 1970.  And McCartney has been charged with the breakup of the Beatles by many a critic and fan, and by the odd former Beatle, ever since.

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