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Radio Free Europe

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My first encounter with Europe was Wales, the Newfoundland of the British Isles, in 1981.   Anyway, we had a radio and searched around the airwaves for something to listen to.  We stumbled upon Radio Free Europe and thought we had found the best music going and a good, clear notion of news of the world.  Harriers would fly over regularly in pairs at around a thousand feet.  It was the Cold War.

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Lennon Wrote "Beef Jerky" Too

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I am at Sam the Record Man and there are these shelves with 45s in them, A-side up, arranged from one to twenty, and someone physically moves them day by day as the charts change.  Somewhere in there is a new Lennon single. Of course, single means double.  The media, 45 rpm single, means you get two for one, two sides of a 45. I see Lennon’s name and don’t notice where his single places or what is around it. I buy it, the 45 in its little sheath.

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The baby boomers were an economic machine; if they liked something, the individuals involved in that something became wildly wealthy in a hurry.

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Not Much Country, a Lot of Rock-And-Roll

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This may turn out to be my favourite album of the summer, though I’m not a big fan of modern country or of cover albums.  What we have here is Gretchen Wilson, one of the big stars of modern country, covering a dozen rock songs from the seventies.  And there’s no attempt to “countrify” the songs; in fact, these readings are mostly very faithful to the original, with of course the big exception – that they’re sung by a woman.

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