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In Memoriam: Bob Welch

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Bob Welch died in sad circumstances a year ago, but he lives for me every time I put on one of his records.  Three Hearts was one of the first records I bought, and I’ve likely played it three or four hundred times – yet I listened to it only today with undiminished pleasure.  Welch was a consummate pop artist, best known as a solo act for his monster hits “Sentimental Lady” and “Precious Love” – but some of us remember his tenure in Fleetwood Mac in the early seventies.  In fact, “Sentimental Lady” first appeared – in a delightfully different version from his later solo hit – on 1972’s Bare Trees.

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Wow! It’s a Hit! It’s a Hit!

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Want a “million dollars worth of family fun” for $5.99? Well K-Tel can deliver with a game of chance that requires a turntable, the ultimate roulettewheel of sound. The ecstatic family in the commercial can’t seem to bother to find their doohickey (adapter, insert, spacer disk, err... Triskelion); they’ll play their game without it thanks!  And you could too.

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Sorry Couldn’t Come Rita

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IMBD only gives Educating Rita a 7.1 and maybe that’s all it deserves in 2013. Though, at least in English-major circles back in 1983, it was once relevant and bang on.  The premise is that many older sods—male and female—appreciate younger sods who share a common bewilderment that Wordsworth got it so right AND had a name like that! That in itself is a movie isn’t it?  Add Dr. Frank Bryant, Michael Caine as a mere fifty-year-old disillusioned [place profession here] English Professor, and you have a semi-popular message of the day.

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Who Was First?

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When the Supreme Court struck down the Federal Marriage Provision this week, it marked a giant leap forward for civil rights in America. This, in spite of Antonin Scalia's dissenting rant. You may recall that, ten years ago, Scalia bitterly predicted in one of his few prescient moments that the elimination of sodomy laws would eventually result in legalized gay marriage. He was outraged, of course.

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