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Not-So-Daft Paul Williams

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The first time I listened to the terrific new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, I had a moment of extreme discombobulation when the vocals came in on the song “Touch.”  I knew that voice, knew it very well, but I couldn’t place it.  But I soon got it, when my random-access memory hit on the mid-seventies: the singer is none other than Paul Williams, one of my favourite singers and actors.

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A Head of Its Time

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While his name is still painted on many a parking garage and overpass, this character was unplugged a long time ago.  Appearing to be the first graphical artificial-intelligence—a computer-generated news anchor—Max Headroom sputtered, paused, sped up, and did all of the things we come to expect from glitch-ridden, computer-generated animation. 

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Jesse Ed Davis

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Clapton’s Lost Guitarist

Can you imagine a guitarist Eric Clapton would seek out and hire? A guitarist sought by George Harrison and John Lennon and whom you may not have heard of?

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See that VW Beetle [picture-pun intended] just behind the gravedigger ... er...George, rather? Take a look at its license plate.  It's LMW 28IF.  "So what?" you may ask. Well, it's a messageof course. Paul is dead.  I mean, look how they are dressed and the order they are in and the other events in the picture.  And that's just the front of the album! It's all there!

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