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Some Perspective on Dion

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Perspective is an amazing thing.  For instance, the artist we are examining here, Dion, has been married for fifty years.  There’s perspective for ya’.  And he started his career with doo wop hits, several, and progressed through the stardom of that era into the 60s, with solo hits after the breakup of Dion and The Belmonts, through trials and successes, and is still putting out albums today.  Dion was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989—introduction speech by Lou Reed. 

So Dion is certainly established as a great rock artist, with over a dozen top-40 hits to his name, and the album we are reviewing here as the Then-album is an exclamation point to that success.  Dion and the Belmonts Greatest Hits was released in 1968 (remastered in 2001) and represents ten years of hits, with the last song on the album—Dick Holler’s  "Abraham, Martin and John"—being a current hit at the time of the album’s release. 

Not all of the tunes on Dion and the Belmonts Greatest Hits are that serious, or that potent for that matter.  There's a lot of good old rock and roll here though, such as “The Wanderer,” “A Teenager in Love,” and “Runaround Sue,” to name some of the better known pieces.  There are also some great little-known tunes such as the fun “Drip Drop” which—like “The Wanderer,” is an early version of what Dion is up to these days. 

Dion moved from doo wop to R&B and now he is putting out some excellent straight-up blues.  So take a look at his pre-1969 catalogue and the impressive hits that make up Dion and the Belmonts Greatest Hits—and then check out our upcoming review of Dion’s Tank Full of Blues, 2012.  


You might recognize one of the backup singers: 

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