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Ignore the Exit: The Open Road of John Hiatt

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I had planned to look at John Hiatt’s 2001 release, The Tiki Bar is Open, but—while reviewing our now-album, 2012’s Mystic Pinball—I became quite fond of Hiatt’s 2010 release, The Open Road.  The Open Road is a bluesy album, perfect for that road trip, a solid album for that long drive open road.

Ignore the Exit

“My Baby”—while not quite as blatant as, say, Steve Wynn’s “Amphetamine”—is one of those songs that may feed you unsuspectingly to a speed trap; it is perfect for a straight piece of highway and the joy of driving.  Unlike Wynn’s piece, songs like “My Baby,” “The Open Road,” and “Homeland” are less likely to incite reckless speed, but they do make a drive more enjoyable. That’s easily proven.

“What Kind of Man,” Fireball Roberts,” “Haulin,” “Movin On,” and even the stretched out blues of “Like a Freight Train” all sound V8 and may make you choose to bypass your normal exit on your regular commute, not a bad thing for the soul.

It’s just a brilliant little dark horse of a driving album.  Mind the speed limits and enjoy the drive.


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