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Chuck S1-E1—The Shins

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As we have stated elsewhere on this site, the TV series Chuck has one of the greatest soundtracks imaginable, even if you count the joke-tunes of Jeffster.  The pilot from September 24, 2007 is no exception.  So we are doing a series of A-sides on Chuck to feature a tune from each episode with the notion of reminding readers about a band they may have forgotten or in order to introduce a new one.

Season one, episode one uses a total of fourteen songs in that debut effort, ranging from mainstream commercial rock like Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” through Beck to the more obscure, such as “The Missionary” by the single-project Brothers Martin. In between you have Gomez, Jet, Foreign Born, and The Sunshine Underground among others.  We will take a look at “A Comet Appears” by The Shins.

The Shins are an indie group formed in 1996 and they are still together; their last album—Port of Morrow—is from 2012.  They have only released four albums altogether, though their output is high quality.  “A Comet Appears” is from 2007’s Wincing the Night Away.


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