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Drop the Hat—An Interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church

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Steve Kilbey is one of the busiest men in the business and the tunes keep coming.  We recently reviewed The Church’s Starfish album of 1988 and we also took a look at one new album—You Are Everything, with Martin Kennedy—of four Steve Kilbey albums from 2013.  Kilbey is not quite as prolific as Bill Nelson, but he is putting out great work and is back with The Church for their first album since 2009’s Untitled 23.

  • First of all, who is the female voice on “Everybody” from You Are Everything? Great duet, by the way.

SK: She is Leona Gray. She had previously recorded with Martin’s other band All India Radio. It was Martin's choice. I don’t really know her though.

  • Well it was a good choice and is a great tune. It appears 2013 was a busy year for you, though more likely 2013 is when you completed a lot of work. Four albums, two with Kennedy and two solo—what led to this burst of creativity and when did it begin?

SK: Well I'm just always working, I guess. I am super-creative always but sometimes I am too lazy to push on through and get everything done.

  •  It is clear you and Kennedy work well together. How did this start and where you are going?

SK: He just approached my brother one day about ten years ago and set this whole thing in motion by giving me some music to sing on. It was the first track on our first album. 

From then on I've been hooked on what he does.

  • We notice on your site ( that you are releasing new material right now, including Miscellanaea–Whispers In The Static. Are you working on a new project—or projects—now?

SK: I am indeed working on The Church and an album with Sufi rockers in the US called Hu Dost, as well as an album—half finished—with Frank Kearns from Ireland. 

  • You are back with The Church and that’s wonderful. Are you guys working on new material?

SK: We are working on 16 brand new songs for an album to be entitled Further/Deeper. Marty Willson-Piper is no longer in the band. Ian Haug from Powderfinger has replaced him. 

The album is melodic and accomplished, in my humble opinion, and kind of Beatley in some ways, I guess. I think you will like it. It’s coming from experience and it’s coming from intuition and it’s coming because sometimes you just need it to come. I can write on demand. I can write a song at the drop of a hat. So don’t drop your hat if you don’t want any new songs!

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