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I Keep My Lid On Tightly, But Hope to Be Free...

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The Good Lovelies are what we might call “American Music” or folk, but they are Canadian and they wouldn’t be exposed to such nomenclature issues if they had been lucky enough to wander onto a stage all those years ago—in, say, the 60s. Though they would be much older now, (feeble joke)—but real comment as they would be much better established.  In some ways they seem it, older and more established. This is a confident, capable band. 

They are also fresh and new though. In some ways they remind us of the Andrews Sisters—and in other ways they are like Rose Cousins or Sarah MacLaughlin. And they are, right now, giving us sounds like those of yesteryear.  

This retro, old sound is fresh when handled this way. Candles are cool, after all, and though we no longer use them to read by, we love to have them around for special occasions. The same can be said for the sound of the Good Lovelies; it doesn't go out of style. So if you feel you need a good contrast to Daft Punk, The Good Lovelies can certainly brighten up a room.