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The Orwells: Class in 2013

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The Orwells are great, new rockers, melding The Strokes with good 1960s British Invasion sounds.  They're exuberant, thoughtful, and well worth a listen.  It is such a peculiar conjunction actually, a great rock sound that’s retro while contemporary, delivering lyrics about Zoloft and other matters of the day.

Feel Old Yet?

 “Never Ever” is perhaps the most interesting of these generation-spanning songs.  It’s confident and sounds like it’s meant, a good thing in a song. I won’t call it an anthem, but it could be. It’s rare a band this young can put out a song that new, that good, that knowledgeable of where it came from:

“I know when something's changing

We got this fear of aging

We're living in a daydream.”

Class in 2013

The band has only been around since 2009 though and was formed while the members were in high school.  There have certainly been some other bands that started off that way, for sure, with some phenomenal results. This is a great start for them: a great recording, appearing at Lollapalooza this past August, some fine references(including Matthew Shultz of Cage the Elephant), and some other matters in their favour.

Did we mention that they not only sound amazing in 2013, but that they graduated from high school in 2013?  That may explain why they only have five releases out, three unofficial and two with Autumn Tone Records—Remember When (2012) and Other Voices, EP, (2013).