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CBGB's Spirit—The Duke Spirit Now!

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The Duke Spirit hasn’t put out an album since 2011, though their website is up to date—and that’s encouraging.  The only album I know is Bruiser (2011) and I have listened to it many times over and mentioned it to others, though people find what they find no matter what we try to share.  I think they’re good. Very good, in fact.

Thing is, with a name like “Duke Spirit” you get Duke Ellington and The Duke and the University ahead of you in Google.  That’s deadly, even if you are putting out great music.  I come from a time when, if Duke Spirit had performed at—say—CBGB, they might be on the radio the way Blondie once was, accepted and derided, spanning subcultures.

Villain In Love

 I’m reminded of Blondie when I hear this crew, though I fear I will hear them come out with a “Tide is High” and go mainstream to overcome their absence in the broader culture.  For what it’s worth, some of us think they should be heard more broadly now, as they are.

And they do have a new single out, "Glorious"—as of 2012 that is—and the 2012 Dresden Live album, both suggesting a studio album may be in the works.



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