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Decision Time for Alice Smith

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Alice Smith has an amazing voice and there is much potential here, no matter what she chooses. Her latest work, She, does not seem to be one piece though. Some of it verges on dance and some is retro, the first two tunes especially so. Artist/manager/engineer/producer confusion prevents a coherent product.

“Fool For You,” for instance, is like a 1976 mainstream piece for AM radio, complete with voice echo effects. The next tune, “Be Easy,” is the same sort of thing—though more 1990s in flavour.  “Shot” is the same sort of sound and all together those pieces would make part of a pretty decent pop album, danceable and inoffensive on all levels—unless you were fooled, as I was, by “Cabaret (Prelude)”  into thinking the rest of the album would sound like that.  And what a shame it doesn’t.

Is Loyalty a Virtue?

“Loyalty” lives up to the potential evidenced in the first pieces of the album. Surely someone as talented as Alice Smith could develop two streams of work, a sort of Madeleine Peyroux/Billie Holiday stratum and a pop-layer for those who seek that kind of thing. 

As it is now, I separated out some of her tunes for a playlist and I will ignore some others, and many other fans may choose to do the opposite.  Few will listen to it all at once, though,  and call it equal. 


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