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He’s Bacc—Woken Up

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It’s great to see new material from Aloe Blacc, the EP Wake Me Up and the LP Lift Your Spirit are 2013 releases. It is an excellent follow-up to 2010’s Good Things, confident, catchy, and with that unmistakable neo-soul groove that is reminiscent of the best of the early 70s.


“Ticking Bomb” is a surprise—as good as the tunes from Good Things—and yet with something new in it.  It’s a great tune in the peace genre—one Lennon and Franti would be proud of.   It verifies the album and stands apart from it at the same time.

So What Else is There?

The rest of the album is catchier, less serious, and more danceable—perhaps. So besides that hell-of-a tune, “Ticking Bomb,” the political, amazing piece it is, there are some excellent supporting pieces in the neo-soul vein. Songs like “Love is the Answer,” “Wanna Be With You,” “Lift Your Spirit,” and “Red Velvet Seat” are all clean, calm, soul tunes, as ageless as many of the songs that would have inspired them.

 There is some quite serious work here, as well, as Marvin Gaye and others had done so many years ago, some lyrics to make you pause and listen. The writing is very good. “Eyes of a Child” is fairly dark in perspective, though it sounds amazing and has some pretty good advice.  Even “Soldier in the City,” sounding like a dance tune, iscontrary to the beatdamn serious. 

This is a serious album, no poser, and yet is musical, danceable, and—above all—enjoyable as heck for those of us who once liked to unwrap new Withers, Gaye, and others and place the shiny LPs on turntables, anticipating something new. The media has been revolutionized, but the music is ageless and does not disappoint. 

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