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Time to Put the Lime in the Coconut: The Archie Bronson Outfit

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The Archie Bronson Outfit has a full-calorie sound, somewhat reminiscent of XTC in the Drums and Wires era, and they have not released an album since 2010’s Coconut.  Coconut is a brilliant album; it’s an unfamiliar fusion of the late 70s/early 80s stirred in with good old San Francisco psychedelic music. 

All of their albums are good, but Coconut hints at what is possible by this group, from the opening track, “Magnetic Warrior,” to the cool, fused “You Have a Right to a Mountain Life/One Up on Yourself” and its hint at what this band can be. It’s musical, aggressive, and itself.  They are definitely developing a sound.  ‘Can’t wait to hear where it is now.

“Bite it and Believe It” is a more straightforward exclamation of their talent, but you can explore them to see what you think.  They are still very active as a live act, just not putting out new albums.



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