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The Secret to Split Sofa

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We are working on a piece about forgotten psychedelic bands from the 60s and one of the side effects of this research is our discovery of the richness of the current neo-psychedelic genre. Split Sofa is one of those bands, sounding very like Pink Floyd in places and more traditional in others.  Split Sofa is actually a forgotten—or overlooked, rather—band of the moment, though.

The only album we have is The Gathering from 2010.  The secret with this work is to play it loud.  It’s a very good neo-psychedelic album. It runs the gamut, from Pink Floyd to earlier, more traditional notions of this genre.  And who knows what psychedelic really meant in its early days? It just happened to strike listeners a certain way when they were accessible. So you have to listen carefully to this band to get them, but it can be on your average commute.

Listen to it as you once listened to bands in your dorm room, carefully and skillfully, though be aware of where you are. Blaring Split Sofa makes the commute home much more enjoyable.