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Follow a Drummer and a Bassist, End up in the Doghouse

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We recently reviewed the latest release by The Blasters, 2012’s Have Fun on Saturday Night, and I took a look at what the members have been up to—good things, as it turns out. For instance, it is great to hear that The Blasters are working on a new album, Phil and Dave Alvin working together again.  Looking through the current undertakings of the original Blasters, I also noted that drummer Bill Bateman and bassist  John Bazz are working with a new band, and—wow—what a band it is, The Doghouse Lords. 

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The Doghouse Lords have a few other members you may recognize. As they say in their bio, they have some background references:

"It could be said that the Doghouse Lords’ music has the dark seriousness of a Johnny Cash ballad, the ferocity of a Cramps concert, the edgy, cutting vocals of a Mick Jagger blues and the rowdiness of a Wanda Jackson party…and in fact, those are all artists the members of the Doghouse Lords have played with before."


These guys have also been key members of The Blasters—obviously—and The Blue Shadows, The Cramps, The Red Devils, and they also played with “Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Willie Dixon.” So besides the two original Blasters, we have Javier Matos and Chopper Franklin.

Check out their Bio page and go for the free downloads, particularly “Don’t Drive Me Away”:


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