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Kazoo and You: Nathan James

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Can you fake a kazoo? auto tune it up? I don’t know.  A kazoo is kind of like spoons though; you can either play or you can’t.  Nathan James and his band mates, over the years, seem to be able to play kazoo, and good old American music. 

Nathan James and his many iterations all have a similar sound; from his work with Ben Hernandez to 2012’s What You Make of It with the Rhythm Scratchers, Nathan James has specialized in real music on real instruments.  Even if he has happened to create the instruments himself in certain circumstances, he also happens to create some of the best realist rock available now. That’s right, realist music—not realest, though both are completely compatible.

Acoustic-blues rock and harmonica—kazoo too—are pretty hard to fake. You can either play or you cannot.  Nathan James and his band members can play realist rock. None of their tunes depend on studio magic and producers; they can all be played well in any pub or tav by these musicians.  And that’s the key, musicians. Where Nathan and his friends are is where the music is.