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Nutini and Friends

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Joe Cocker has been on my mind since I discovered his Fire It Up Live release—brilliant album. The cover of Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love stood out to me, perhaps only because of Joe Cocker’s latest album, when I first saw it.  It reminded me of something and if I had not been listening to Cocker recently I may have missed it.  Caustic Love looks enough like With a Little Help from My Friends to be interesting.  Cocker’s With a Little Help from My Friends is a wonderful album, with its mix of soul and rock, and Nutini's reminded me enough of it to wish to revisit it.

So I buy Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love because of its cover image and once again I am rewarded by buying an album on visuals alone. He isn’t Joe Cocker, but Nutini’s voice is broad enough and expressive enough to be wonderfully entertaining. Like Cocker, Nutini has a rock-soul fusion.  It would be grand to hear Nutini’s voice freed, eyes-closed, living the tune.  Goodness knows he is brilliant enough as he is, but a free-wheeling concert could reveal what Nutini is capable of—as it once did for Cocker.

Caustic Love is one of those time-genre-spanning albums that may be something of a bridge between Cocker’s With a Little Help from My Friends and this 2014 album. He has an amazing voice and can write tunes.  Anyone who follows up “Cherry Blossom” with “Someone Like You” lives up to the image on the album cover and its real or inferred references to Cocker’s With a Little Help from My Friends.

No matter what the correlation, both deserve and reward a close listen.


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