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The Wild Feathers: Who You Hear When You Go to See Bob And Willie

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The Wild Feathers are an excellent southern rock band based in L.A. (originally from Austin, stint in Nashville) and they have a sound reminiscent of some of the best southern rock of the 70s.  The Eagles come to mind for the harmonies, and no wonder.   Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns, and Preston Wimberly were all lead singers in their former bands. They can harmonize and they prove that over and over again on their debut, eponymous album The Wild Feathers.

Their tunes range from ballads, such as “Tall Boots,” to some real rock-ups like “Backwoods Company” and “Hard Wind.” At their best they have a sound quite similar to The Stones of the early 70s, sort of Exile on Main Street era, with songs such as “Hard Times,” “Left My Woman,” and “How.” Of course they do so with harmonies that rival those found on the best Eagles tunes. It’s possible to name some influences and note some similarities to other groups, but—as with all good bands—they have their own sound.

Produced by Jay Joyce, The Wild Feathers is a very accomplished, coherent first album. Hopefully it is the first of many.  The band is getting some exposure by opening for such acts as Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan—not a bad start.


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