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The Wet Secrets, Count Floyd, and Free Candy

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The Wet Secrets have been around since 2005, but just barely.  They formed a week before their first gig, a show at Seedy’s in Edmonton.  That’s ambitious, but the brashness is dwarfed by what they did in the week leading that up to that gig: they wrote and recorded their debut album, A Whale of a Cow.  Having formed, written and recorded an album, and played their first live show all in one week, they rested.

Their second album, Rock Fantasy, came out in 2007. The next release? It came out in February 2014 and it has been well worth the wait. Free Candy has an odd sound to it until you get used to it.  The first time I heard The Wet Secrets I tried to place their sound in relation to other groups I knew and came to the uncomfortable conclusion that they sort of reminded me of The Doors, though not really.  And they really don’t sound like The Doors. I have since figured it out though.

Call the Union

I mean no slight to Robby Krieger—quite the contrary—but it is the makeup of The Doors that made me think of them in relation to The Wet Secrets. Krieger often had to play guitar and bass at once, and in the minimalist fashion that was the sound of The Doors. Call the Edmonton Musicians’ Association, there is no guitarist in The Wet Secrets, neither lead nor rhythm. So their bassist, Lyle Bell, has to do a sort of lead/rhythm bass and it actually works well.

It’s not a traditional lineup for a rock band even if you ignore the fact there is no guitarist.  Besides Bell on bass, there’s Trevor Anderson on drums, Kim Rackel on trumpet, Emma Frazier on trombone, and Paul Arnusch on keyboards. They all share vocal roles and the overall sound is brilliant.

All three of their albums are available at  All are good, though the movement is away from the heavy voice distortion of A Whale of a Cow, with Rock Fantasy proving a bridge to the clearer tones of Free Candy.  And guitarists everywhere beware, The Wet Secrets have proven you’re dispensable.


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