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The Best Aspects of Chaos Are Creative: The Milk & Honey Band

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I encountered The Milk and Honey Band because I was wondering what XTC great Andy Partridge was up to.  He’s up to a great deal indeed, including running Ape Records and signing wonderful groups like The Milk and Honey Band. Obscure may be an understatement for this group. They appear to have had as many as four albums, all released between the years 1995 (forming in 1994) and 2009 and are currently on what is a hiatus of at least five years....  And that’s too bad, 2009’s Dog Eared Moonlight, complete with the cozy and inviting cover referencing the old orange and cream Penguin publications, has become one of my favourite albums.  It’s time for some more.

Below Radar

Fronted by Robert White, The Milk and Honey Band have a sound very reminiscent of the more pensive iterations of The Moody Blues—in a good way.  Until The Milk and Honey Band, I had never noted the similarities between The Moody Blues and XTC; they are there though.  XTC were certainly not derivative, in any stretch of that word, but they were making the most of what they knew.  Here, under Partridge`s direction, The Milk and Honey Band manifest the bridge between those two groups and those two eras.

The Milk and Honey Band sound remarkably like a band from the 60s who somehow flew below the radar and are discoverable by the lucky few. It would be nice if they got some altitude, got some pings, and a new album soon. One of the side effects of running beside the race since 2009 is that they seem to be absent from social media; a badge for some—but not great for those of us trying to get to their music.

High Flying Songs

Top songs would have to be “Waste of Time” and “Cut the Line.”  They come together beautifully and either tune could have been a hit in almost any of the last number of decades.  The other eight tunes are all strong as well, quiet, melodic, beautifully produced—clearly tunes that could work well live without losing a note.



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