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Hemingway’d Be There: Meschiya Lake And The Little Big Horns

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There’s retro and then there is retro!, as in Speak-Easy retro.  Meschiya Lake And The Little Big Horns are of the latter variety and they sound amazing. And it really is a prohibition-era sound, hollow-body guitar and horns, chrome microphone and all.  Get out the bathtub gin and broad brim hats and enjoy yourself, war’s over.

Gotta’ Hear Them

Hemingway came back to America, to Key West specifically, after prohibition, having lingered in Europe after the Great War with some of the fellow Lost Generation to enjoy wine and the other benefits of post-war France and Spain. On his return to America he had a canary-yellow roadster and a boat that could make the trek from Key West to Havana when the clubs there had the kind of jazz and spirit that Meschiya Lake And The Little Big Horns have.

Rounding Key West

There’s no question that Hemingway would have arranged a “fishing trip” with some friends at Sloppy Joe’s to head out of Key West over to Havana to hear Meschiya Lake and The Little Big Horns play. Those days are done, but the music isn’t. Listen to Lucky Devil long enough and you may be able to picture Gregorio Fuentes at the wheel, guiding Heminway’s Pilar out of Key West on a grand fishing trip to hear a great band in a Havana that no longer exists. Ghostly music.  

They have a new one out named Fooler’s Gold.



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