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Kristin Diable & The City

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Kristin Diable & The City have a new album coming out in February 2015. If it is as good as 2012’s eponymous album then it will be worth the wait. Diable has her own voice for certain, a cross between late night jazz and country, and it works beautifully with this talented band backing her.

Jazz-Country Rock-Blues

As if to further confuse the jazz-country fusion of Diable’s voice, we have great rock-blues guitar work here as well. Some of this is due to Casey McAllister, who has done excellent work for Hurray for the Riff raff and others recently, and the rest is due to Diable herself.  She gets credit for other key aspects of this group as well, but bass credit goes to Charles Lumar and drums to Joey Peebles, horns to Dominic Grillo and David Phy. This is an excellent combo and the result is that all twelve Kristin Diable originals sound incredible, well produced and solid tunes all.

Looking Forward

“I’ve Been Searching,” “I Know a Man,” “Accidents,” and “Water Keeps Rising” are all standouts, though this is not one of those albums with one or two great tunes and a supporting staff of lesser ones.  These are twelve well written and delivered songs, leading one to believe she has all she needs for a great career: presence of voice, lyricism, and great guitar—among other skillsand an excelletn band.

 “I’ll be Leaving” is one of the best songs on the album, but featuring it would lead a listener to believe she, twanging steel guitar accompanying that great voice, is a country singer. We’ve chosen “My River” as the tune to feature, though you really should give this album a full twelve-song chance.  It’s a good one and things bode well for Kristin Diable & The City’s 2015 release under Dave Cobb’s production.


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