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What’s In a Name? A Name Like Chelsea Light Moving?

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With perhaps the coolest band name to come out for some time, Chelsea Light Moving give homage to a humble time in Philip Glass’s past when he started a moving company with his van—The Chelsea Light Moving Company.  This company has lots of attitude, some Ziggy-era Bowie (“Burroughs”), even some Morrison-like poetry-jazz, pop-talk—and some thrash and trash as well. 

Hotchpotch is Good

Featuring former Sonic Youth band member Thurston Moore, Chelsea Light Moving appears to be more of a collective than a traditional quartet. There’re lots of influences and much experience here.  Samara Lubelski, John Moloney, and Keith Wood also have many projects in their pasts.  You put it all together and you have a peculiar, though almost endlessly engaging, hotchpotch of an album. That’s not a bad thing in this case.

So The Billionaires Have Won, Now What?

This eponymous 2013 release is varied, for sure, but not as varied as many greatest hits albums are.  So go with the flow and give this varied first release a good chance, from the heavy thrash of “Sleep Where I Fall” to the beautiful “Heavenmetal” through to some more controversial songs like “Lip.” The latter comes in at 2:37, sounding like some kind of DNA combo of The Sex Pistols and The Doors, and comments on the Occupy Wall Street movement.  It’s a lovely little angry anthem about our times.

Chelsea Light Moving toured and, hopefully, this collective, this cooperative, is working on some new material for its next album and tour as well.


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