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Overhearing Amen Dunes’s Love Is Haunting

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Amen Dunes—project of Damon MacMahon—released Love in 2014, the third official LP of the band. It has been getting some attention, though not what it deserves. Love is  eleven atmospheric, acoustically-driven tunes that live up to the “haunting” moniker, not used loosely in this instance.   These tunes are haunting.

Like DIA and Through Donkey Jaw before it, Love sounds like it may be coming to us from a car window on a summer’s day back in the 60s—perhaps early 70s. It’s strolling, summery psychedelia at its best. “Splits Are Parted,” “I Know Myself,” and “White Child” are among the most compelling on the album, but  “Sixteen” and “Green Eyes” are a close second.

Many of the songs on Love sound as if they are coming from that window long ago, a purposeful production quality. The elements are still distinct but it sounds like a psychedelic album recorded at Sun Studios sometime in the early 50s—and man does that work well! Love is a solid album and a joy for anyone who cares to overhear great psychadelia from today.




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