Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

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This is something really special.  I haven’t had this experience since I chanced upon John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band album, with its rawness and honesty, many years ago.  The experience is uncomfortable at times, but the work is fabulous and from a completely other dimension than the auto-tune Twinkies coming down the conveyor belt these days.  This is real and it’s as authentic as Lennon was all those years ago, and just as conscious of its otherness.

Both Dirty Radio and Untamed Beast deliver raw, honest, uncomfortable, forward, in-your-face music of the era. “Cage,” “Against the Law,” and “Bad Boys” will make you consider not introducing your kids to the group (and certainly not your parents), and not because of hip-hop language, but because it’s damn blunt–though “Paris” could be Madaeline Peyroux…on steroids of course.  And “Addicted” is one of the most powerful songs of attraction—not of love—yet produced.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is a new group with some fascinating outsider lyrics,

“I don’t want a ring, I don’t want a kid, I don’t want a promise!
Just give me something real, just give me something honest!
This generation lives on a lie, it lives on fake.
When you give up reality, that’s the first mistake.”


“Roll Around,” Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

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