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He's My Brother She's My Sister and...

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He's My Brother She's My Sister

That’s a long name for a band.  We’re purposefully going to overcome our compulsion to search up the “longest band name of all time” and the “longest proper-name of all time” and other Internet-era ADHD reactions in favour of listening to this group.  They aren’t going for SEO recognition and, it appears, also, they are thumbing their nose at Twitter.  That’s thirty-two characters of a possible one hundred forty available just to express their name!  Gotta love it, until you have to tweet them of course. Then it’s HMBSMS.

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Not Just Noah and the Whale

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When my son introduced me to Noah and the Whale a couple of years ago I corrected him and called them Jonah and the Whale.  After he corrected me, instead, of course, and the song started playing, the next thing I wanted to do was introduce him to The Kinks.  And he agreed, Noah and the Whale sound like The Kinks and they both sound great. That’s what this site is all about, introducing one generation to another. 

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Get the Get Cubs EP

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Everybody Knows This is Nowhere(think Neil Young album)

We mistook the title of Get Cubs’ new EP, Canada, for a regional designator rather than a title, but they are not from Canada at all; they’re a Midlands band, UK.  They are a very good Midlands’ band.  In fact, this is a good group, period, regardless of land of origin.   They have a clean sound that falls somewhere between XTC and Coldplay, but the most interesting thing about this group is that their song titles do not always designate the songs Baby Boomers expect.

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Shake It Up, Baby -- Alabama Shakes

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This is accomplished, surprisingly mature—given the ages of the musicians—music.  I assume there will be those who will mention Janis Joplin and this will be further bolstered by the band’s sound at times, Big Brother and the Holding Company come to mind in certain tunes such as “Rise to the Sun” and “Heartbreaker.”  But when you have a voice like that and a band like that working as a team this way, no one will ever accuse them of being derivative.

It’s Alabama ShakesBoys and Girls.