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Franti's In Love

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Franti’s latest work, All People, continues in the vein of The Sound of Sunshine. Like The Sound of Sunshine, All People is mostly positive and catchy as hell—and disorienting for those of us who were expecting “Yell Fire” and “Rock the Nation.”   As Franti matures his music appears to be less angry, less political, and more about love.  Now, isn’t that’s a nice way to age?

The songs are not what we once expected from Franti but they may be what we can now expect from him—a sound that is clearly Franti, with great hooks and lyrics, and widely appealing.  He even has a tune that sounds like a Beatles-Franti collaboration, “On and On,” and it’s brilliant.  This guy is as varied as an artist can be and still have a strong core-sound to identify him.

Don't Say Goodbye

“Say Goodbye” is as political as it comes on this album and yet it’s about how most of us feel when we hear the day’s news.  He’s a sensitive man, a careful writer, and one of the most fascinating commentators of our time.

We're Alive

 “I’m Alive,” the first song to be issued from this album, back in May 2013 or so,  is a declaration, complete with the refrain “This is what it sounds like”—and it sounds great.  If you give it time the rest of the album lives up to the potential we all heard in that single.  It’s Franti, though a different version than the one many of us first encountered.  He is one of those musician-songwriters you cannot peg.  He changes a little each time he releases an album.   

There’s still political comment in almost every song.  It’s different though and love trumps it as a theme. “Show Me a Sign” is political, mentioning “Wall Street criminals” and, yet, it’s a love song.  That’s not a bad accomplishment: not-so-silly love songs.  


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