Changes for Dave Mason in 2014

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  Is it possible for an alumnus of Traffic with a long solo career, the latter spanning from 1970 to today, to put out his best album to date in 2014? I think so.  Dave Mason’s Future’s Past is at least an equal to Alone Together, released in 1970 at the start of his solo career—and a new standard for his talent. Mason is perhaps best known for the album Let It Flow from 1977 with its hits “We Just Disagree" and “Let It Go, Let It Flow.”  Let It Flow wasn’t part of the general trend of 1977, that’s for certain, but it did have a groove and was a deservedly popular album for the time.  Future’s Past beats it outright and has potential hits of its own, though they are old potential hits.

“World in Changes” is perhaps the most hit-worthy song on Mason’s 2014 album, though it’s from Alone Together from 1970. And that’s the case with every song from Future’s Past ( the new “That’s Freedom” being the exception)—they are all remakes.  So how can reissues be rated so high?

Future's Past Sounds Good

Well they sound new and completely reworked, first of all. Secondly, they were great tunes to begin with.  The reworked tunes all sound amazing in their 2014 iterations, no anachronisms here.  Another key feature of this album is that these are not the singles from his back catalogue, though they are all solid tunes from a solid career. So while there is not a single tune from Let It Flow, there are no disappointments on this album.  Let’s hope it’s the precursor to some new material.

Compare the versions of “World in Changes,” one from 1970 and one from 2014, and see what you think.


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