Ted Nugent Jamming Now

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Want to feel like you are hanging out at smoker’s corner in high school?  Assuming that’s where you were in 1977 when Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever came out, you can relive those feelings by purchasing Shutup & Jam!  Nugent’s  Shutup & Jam! is his 2014 release, the first since Love Grenade from 2007...which also sounds a lot like 77’s Cat Scratch Fever.... No one can deny Nugent is a recognizable guitarist with a known sound. Still, some fans prefer to know what they are getting by the label that’s on the can. Nugent delivers a stable product each time, though there has yet to be another broadly recognized tune like “Cat Scratch Fever.” It’s beans, but a particular kind of beans, and if you like those beans those are the ones you’ll buy.  You won’t be disappointed as there’s amazing consistency here.

Good News for Nugent Fans

Politics aside, if you liked Nugent when he jumped, crotch-forward, onto the scene back in the 70s...you will like him now. He has a consistent sound and “Fear Itself,” “Throttledown,” and “Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead” will bring you back to the day you bobbed your head to “Cat Scratch Fever.”



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