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Jerry Lee Lewis on Rock and Roll Now

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It’s great to hear rock n’ roll in 2014—even better to hear it from some of the greatest rockers of all time.  You can count Jerry Lee Lewis and his crew in that category and 2014’s Rock and Roll Time shows us rock and roll is classic in any time. The songs range from Chuck Berry to Bob Dylan and the players range from Jerry Lee Lewis through Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, Neil Young, and so on. So you put a great collection of tunes together with a great group of musicians and you get one hell of an album.

There are two Kris Kristofferson songs, “Rock and Roll Time” and the amazing “Here Comes That Rainbow Again.” It’s one of those albums that rehabilitates songs you may not know well but are glad to get to know, including obscure but brilliant ones like Bob Dylan’s “Stepchild” (only recorded live by Dylan, circa 1978). So Rock and Roll Time is no rehash of hits.

Everybody's Rockin'

And there is some musicology clearly going on here, from Lewis’s photo in front of Sun Records on the album cover to the songs themselves—such as “Bright Lights, Big City” by Jimmy Reed, featuring Neil Young in homage to his previous cover of this tune back in 1983 on the controversial Everybody’s Rockin’. You don’t have to know history to enjoy this album though.

Rock and Roll Time is as straight up as it comes, a head-out-on-the-highway rock and roll album.  Jim Keltner, who has done such great work over the years with ex-Beatles and beyond, plays percussion and does a wonderful job producing the album.  Hopefully more is to come.


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