Yes and NO—Paul Rodgers’s The Royal Sessions

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There are so many cover albums these days, with even great bands recovering their old material, that it’s difficult to get excited about them anymore. We seem to be reliving that time in the 50s when the jazz dudes and Rat Pack folk were doing the Vegas thing while the other music, rock and roll, emerged. Paul Rodgers put out a long overdue release, though it’s covers and really reduces Rodgers to a voice.

Rodgers has had success with Free, Bad Company, and a few other bands, including Queen. And the songs he has chosen for The Royal Sessions are good ones, certainly not the common choices of the numerous covers and duets that are flooding the iPods of the hopeful these days. Still, there is not much to recommend this album beyond Rodgers’s voice.

A Nice Cause But Nothing New

All the proceeds, though, go to the very specific cause of the Stax Music Academy.  That’s the “yes” in the equation.  It’s a giving moment and it’s a nice album, though it is nothing new.



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