A New Kind of Road for Bob Seger

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Bob Seger’s new album, Ride Out, isn’t all Seger tunes but what choices he made for covers! You can’t go wrong with writers like John Hiatt, Steve Earle, and Woody Guthrie.   “Detroit Made” is from Hiatt’s Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, 2011, and is a perfect tune for Seger to take on and the result is a stronger bass drum, more rock overall, and a brilliant cover by Seger and friends. The covers are of that variety; he makes them sound like Seger. Don’t forget too, he has always done covers.

Uncommon Covers

Steve Earle’s “The Devil’s Right Hand” is also brilliant though much closer to Earle’s than “Detroit Made” is to Hiatt’s. The two remaining covers are two of the best to come out in this age of covers, Chambers and Nicholson’s “Adam and Eve”—brilliantly done—and Guthrie’s “California Stars.” Apparently Seger considered enough songs to fill six or seven albums for this release, these are carefully chosen songs and he does great work with them.  So what about his own tunes?

What about Seger?

“It’s Your World” places Seger in the same pew as Neil Young these days, both alarmed by where we are as a planet rather than where we are as a country or a continent. It’s odd to hear an artist I always associated with the road talking about global warming and the degradation of our planet. So the title of the album and the song, “Ride Out,” may be misleading—it’s a figurative highway. 

The album proper is ten solid tunes and comes in around thirty-five minutes long.  The special deluxe version can give you 50% more if you buy it from Target.  Such is the marketing.  One of the extra tunes, track eleven, “Listen,” is really worth a deluxe version.  It may be the best new Seger tune on the album and perhaps one of his best, period. “Passin’ Through” is worth hearing too.

Last Release? Hope Not

There are rumours this may be Seger’s last release and that would be a shame just when he seems to be in a new groove, decades removed from  “Old Time Rock & Roll” and yet releasing one of his best albums to date.



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