Sallie Ford Slaps Back

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Sallie Ford is back with a new album and a new band, no more Sound Outside it seems. So this is about a birth and a death.  Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside was an amazing team (our first “Newer Bands That Don’t Sound Bad” on this site!) and hopefully there can be something from that grouping in the future.  The new Sallie Ford crew has a different sound, complete with strings in certain places.  Sallie Ford and her new band mates (Amanda Spring on drums, Cristina Cano on keyboards, and Anita Lee Eliot on bass/guitar, with Ford on vocals and guitar) form a solid quartet that often sounds like The Runaways—in a good way.  A peculiar thing happens though, when you pair Sallie Ford with a rock and roll sound.

The Tree

Those who may have found the affronting lyrics and Sallie Ford’s attitude at odds with the rootsy rockabilly of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside may be more comfortable with Slap Back. Rock and roll is meant to be affronting, challenging, always has been. Early punk was nothing more than rock and roll, just in an age of convention and overproduction, and there has been a tug of war—ever since—between the studio and the stage.  Sallie Ford’s Slap Back is the studio.

Slapping Back

She and her band mates do some great things in the studio though, no question. This is a very good band and Ford’s voice is as attitudinal as it ever was. Somehow though, it’s a little like eating gator Au Poivre instead of gator.  Rock and roll tames this beast a little too much, though this is the first album by this grouping.  The dichotomy of those blameless, shameless lyrics with that roots sound Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside poured forth a few years ago is inimitable. The punk/rock of Slap Back is recognizable, though don't expect it to be much like Sally Ford and the Sound Outside.  It’s a lot like The Runaways so far and will no doubt evolve from there.


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